Solve after Marriage problems by istikhara

Solve after Marriage problems by istikhara


Istikhara Dua is highly recommended to perform Istikhara prayers by yourself instead of getting done by others. Solve after Marriage problems by Istikhara is the solution for making marriage life beautiful and problem free. In today’s time everyone have busy hand hectic schedule and cause of that they are not able to give time to their relations and the same thing applies in husband-wife relation too that after a whole day busy schedule and whole day office hectic husband get totally tired and when their wives says something to them they got frusted and this thing became the problem in relation and creates lot’s of misunderstandings and these misunderstanding cause the dispute and divorce problems, no one wants to get separate with their spouse but the circumstances force them to do this and this thing is not good for couple as well as for their family and children’s too.

Istikhara for marriage dispute problem

Istikhara is prayer which we do for completing our desires. Istikhara for marriage dispute problem is the best’s way to solve the marriage dispute problems between husband and wife when husband and wife’s arguments get too much then this convert into the egoistic and this ego convert into divorce problems. Separation of husband-wife not only effect the couple infect it affect the whole family and Childers also so before it get late use this mantra power and save your marriage life.

Istikhara for marriage Love problem

Sometime just cause of busy schedule couple forget to give time to each other and the lack of time decreases the love in both of them and love is the only thing which tie both in a cute relationship but if the love get fed up there is no benefit of the relation so for generating lot’s of love between you should take help of Istikhara for marriage Love problem. This will help you to generate a lot’s of love between you.



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